While this is not strictly a story of direct Central Asian relevance, anyone that recalls Craig Murray’s last foray into publishing may be be interested to learn that  he has turned his hand to cocking a snook at mercenary and all-round dodgy fellow Tim Spicer.

As the Guardian reports, Murray followed up from his success of Murder in Samarkand with a new book about his time serving with the British Foreign Office in west Africa. He has, however, run into legal challenges and has had to take radical measures to get his book out:

Following the threat of legal action from Schillings lawyers acting for Aegis founder Lieutenant-Colonel Tim Spicer, who is named in the book, Murray’s publisher Mainstream decided to drop it. “We couldn’t reach an agreement with Craig about content,” said Mainstream publisher Bill Campbell, who described Murray as “never one for being shy”. “It was very amicable. We all decided that we would walk away … and he would publish himself.”

Murray has made the 226-page book available for free on his website and other sites across the internet, as well as self-publishing a number of hard copies which he is selling for £17.99. He says that 15,000 people downloaded the book in the first day.

Whatever you might think of the man, you have to salute his boldness, and anything that can confound a libel lawyer acting for as questionable a character as Spicer must be a good thing.


Download here for the book in pdf format, go to Amazon to buy the hardback (which is currently out of stock, which must be a good sign for Murray), or buy direct from the source. All depending on how interested or solvent you are, that is.